Walking the Talk-Hemp Business Cards

Kellye/ May 4, 2020/ Uncategorized

 We hear a lot from the growing hempster community of the excitement of new hemp- and cannabis-based products and businesses.  What we don’t see a lot of is community members walking the talk of whole hemp utilization of the incredible cannabis plant. So many companies, for example, just toss the stalks without a second thought.  Not PureHemp Technology – we turn those hemp stalks into pulp and paper products and are striving to eliminate waste altogether by building the hemp value chain.  You can contribute to growing the supply chain by purchasing and handing out hemp business cards to get your important messaging out!  Why not walk the walk and get your hemp business cards from PureHemp – your customers will appreciate the integrity and commitment to using hemp products in your business. Move your company to the forefront of the sustainability movement by selecting promotional materials oon hemp paper. Order now at: https://www.purekindbotanicals.com/hemp-paper-products-2/

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