PureHemp Technology Organic Hemp Fibers

PureHemp is size-reducing whole hemp stalks and decorticating the bast fiber from the inner hurd or wood. The bast fiber is being used to manufacture pulp and the hurd is being milled into the following six varieties of raw and size-reduced hemp hurd

Pricing By Size

  1. Large Hurd                          ¼” – ½”                 $.90/ lb.               $1,400/ton
  2. Medium Hurd                    5-10 micron        $.95/lb.                 $1,500/ton
  3. Small Hurd                          2-5 micron          $1.05/lb.              $1,600/ton
  4. Fine Hurd                            ~ 1 micron           $1.40/lb.              $3,200/ton
  5. Powder                                < 1 micron           $2.50/lb.              $4,000/ton