The PureHemp Technology

PureHemp is scaling up an advanced hemp processing technology that has many
advantages over current biomass conversion technologies. Based on years of R&D and
favorable results, PureHemp’s patented continuous countercurrent reactor (“CCR”)
technology along with other in-line equipment, rapidly converts hemp stalks and other
biomass into raw materials to manufacture a wide variety of hemp inspired products.
Countercurrent processing, where the solid hemp stalks move in the opposite direction of
the liquid reagent, has proven to be highly effective at producing more environmentally
sound pulp as the primary product. The extract liquor is further refined into valuable lignin
and sugar co-products.

CCR technology uses counter current processing to produce hemp-based products from biomass

Based on encouraging results generated during the past three-plus years, plans are underway to develop a small commercial-scale, 8-ton per day CCR, targeted to be developed in 2023, followed by a 60-ton per day CCR planned to go into production in 2025. 

 Employing the CCR technology will add significant value to the emerging hemp refining industry by utilizing hemp stalks to economically produce hemp-based products. In addition to traditional fiber and botanical products, there are a multitude of novel products that can be produced from hemp using CCR-derived pulps, lignin, sugars and extracts.

½ ton per day CCR Pilot Plant

Hemp-based Products and Markets

Legalization of industrial hemp is creating many new business opportunities for farmers, end product manufacturers, entrepreneurs and investors. Perhaps the greatest emerging market driver is the growing demand for hemp-based products in the U.S., ranging from nutraceuticals, body care products, food supplements, sweeteners, specialty chemicals, paper and tissues, plastics, lightweight composites, just to name a few. The emerging hemp value chain, from field to end products, coincides perfectly with the production, branding and marketing opportunities being pursued by PureHemp.