WELCOME to PureHemp Technology, where we are able to refine industrial hemp into pulp, lignin and sugars to manufacture thousands of unique hemp-based products using the advanced PureVision biorefining technology.

PureHemp Technology LLC (PureHemp) has been established to economically convert industrial hemp into products in hemp refineries. As an alternative to oil refineries, hemp refineries take in whole hemp plants to produce the intermediate products and chemical building blocks for manufacturing countless consumer and industrial products. PureHemp has teamed up with Pure Kind Botanicals™ to provide wellness products.

The 24-year Colorado-based technology parent company, PureVision Technology, Inc., has provided subsidiary PureHemp with exclusive, global refining technology and marketing rights to produce hemp-based raw materials and products. PureHemp has proven out the hemp refining technology at a small continuous pilot-scale.

PureHemp refineries will:
  • Convert industrial hemp into pulp, lignin, sugars and oils that will be: 1) delivered to consumer product developers; and 2) used on site to be further refined into products that will be marketed and sold.
  • Work with farming communities to promote sustainable, non-GMO and organic agriculture practices.
  • Provide abundant green jobs and economic opportunities for rural communities spanning the globe.