Welcome to Perfect Vision 2020!

Join this movement to transition humanity towards a renewable energy-driven world.

 We, the hemp inspired, must unite and phase out GMO farming practices, generally dependent on polluting chemical fertilizers and other petroleum-based inputs. Join our movement that supports cultivating organic hemp and location-appropriate rotation crops that will heal vast amounts of unhealthy soils and water, while producing healthy, sustainable, plant-based products.

 Our movement has roots spanning thousands of years. Hemp, the earliest domesticated plant, has been in continuous use for over 8,000 years. This most amazing plant can be sown, grown and processed on every continent.  Join us as we actualize the vision of growing millions of acres of organic hemp and establishing hemp refineries on a grand scale.

 Embrace the Perfect Vision 2020 opportunity today.

  • Join a global crusade to replace polluting fossil fuels with renewable energy and bio-based products.
  • Purchase hemp clothing, consume hemp-based products, build with hemp and support everything hemp, in every possible way!

Before our eyes, a life-size WoMan made from 100% hemp has been created as a symbol for change.

 This effigy serves as a prototype of a larger, 60-foot, Hemp WoMan that is to be constructed in 2019 & 2020.  Then she will be set aflame in 2020, symbolizing the end to our fossil-dominated world. From this symbolic death and from the ashes, a renewed consciousness embracing organic farming, green jobs and a healthier planet will emerge. Support the planning of epic events including the 50th annual Earth Day recognition and other celebrations in 2020.  

 Our Hemp WoMan, humbly stands before us, fragile, bare, yet so real. She represents the plant & animal kingdom. Every fiber is bleeding out, crying for change. She quietly meditates: “Peace to Mother Nature, from our hearts,” over and over… Like a mother nurturing its child, embrace moving our hemp industry forward.

 Actively participant in accelerat­ing the global shift in consciousness toward sanity and sustainability.

  • Help us plan for symbolic and celebratory events in 2020 in support of a planetary awakening based on common sense.
  • Realize the entire plant & animal kingdoms are counting on all hemp-inspired people to become united and take action!

Hemp is a driving and living force, beginning to change our world for the better.

The hemp revolution has already begun. Incredible strength is harnessed when like-minded people join forces, creating positive & needed changes and inspiring others. Be empowered. Empower others. Become an active participant, adding to this necessary momentum to change our world for the better.

We as a species can no longer afford to ignore the delicate balances of life on Planet Earth. Support companies producing traditional and new products from this most amazing plant. Be creative. Advance hemp innovation, integrity and education. Support organic farming. Spread the hemp gospel, everywhere. 

Here are some easy ways you can embrace the momentum and participate in the hemp revolution:

 Give loved ones and yourself gifts from retailers and producers of hemp products.

  • Buy and wear hemp clothes & consume hemp products daily.
  • Support the development of hemp refineries in rural communities.
  • Invest in hemp, in any way, and move our industry forward!

Join us as we prepare for a global event in 2020 to symbolize an important shift in human consciousness.

Hemp is a common thread that will help drive a renewable and sustainable future. Accelerate the transition from our oil-based economy into a bio-based economy. Like-minded hemp advocates are organizing, educating and investing now in this essential transformation in human consciousness.

 Perfect Vision 2020 offers a blueprint for a brighter future, based on organic farming, clean water, an abundance of green jobs and clean industries. Farmers will supply hemp and other rotation crop residues to regional hemp refineries, providing food, nourishment, jobs and bio-based products.  

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to shift human consciousness towards sustainability.

  • Support organic agricultural practices and everything made with hemp, in every possible way.
  • Take action! Help to actualize a better and greener world.