PureHemp Technology Organic Hemp Seeds

PureHemp is pleased to offer you our Certified Organic Hemp Seeds, grown at a certified organic farm in Colorado and processed in a GMP certified facility. We take extra care to insure the integrity of our hemp seeds and flower products and welcome you to join us as we continue to promote hemp for healing people and for healing the planet.

Planting Instructions

Seeds may be started in small pots or sowed directly in to the soil.
For best results, start seeds indoors in pots or containers. Use 2 X 2 inch containers or specialized seedling plug trays. Seeds should be planted indoor in late March, early April. Seedling should be hardened off outdoors for 7-14 days before planting outdoors.

For seeds planted directly in the ground: Plant in rich soil after the last frost generally in late April or May depending on location. Seeds should be planted approximately 12 inches apart, in rows at least 24 inches apart. The first several months hemp plants require regular watering.

Our Story

PureHemp Technology LLC (PureHemp) was founded in 2014 with the advent of industrial hemp legalization in Colorado by parent company PureVision Technology. Today, consistent with our whole hemp utilization values, we are the only company on the planet that uses hemp stalks to make hemp paper packaging for our hemp-infused products.

Since 2014 PureHemp has been engaged in developing many types of hemp processing equipment, operating extraction laboratories and product fulfillment operations. With the positive response in the marketplace to our premium CBD products, we became a vertically integrated hemp manufacturing company. We go beyond growing hemp and undertake drying, threshing, extraction, formulating operations and bottling CBD-infused products. In 2015 we created Pure Kind Botanicals as our brand of premium CBD-infused products and soon thereafter began marketing premium CBD products to private label clients. Over the next several years we developed many different tinctures and topical products and assembled a professional formulation team to create new products for the PureKind Botanicals brand and for our clients.

Beginning in 2018, we started to grow different hemp varieties (known as “cultivars”), with a focus on the Cherry cultivar due to its superior terpenes profile and aromatics. We emphasize growing hemp in organic soils and not using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. During 2019 we engaged a Boulder, Colorado certified organic farmer to work with PureHemp to grow organic hemp for our products. As a result of this collaboration, PureHemp produced organically certified Cherry flower and seeds, in addition to many other varieties including Cherry Wine and Abacus.

Producing organic seeds is the beginning, but not the end of the incredible PureHemp seed story. During last year we secured a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and our Fort Lupton, Colorado extraction laboratories were certified as organic manufacturing facilities. As a result, Pure Kind Botanicals products — from seed to flower to finished products — are Certified Organic.


Due to varying grow conditions at different locations, we cannot guarantee germination rates. Hemp cannabinoid profiles can vary dramatically from different locations and as a result of growing conditions, weather and other natural factors. Therefore, we cannot warrant performance of seeds nor can we warrant that the cannabinoid profile for the 2019 harvest will be the same for seeds planted in 2020.

Return policy: All seed sales are final.
For more info, contact Andrew Purnell: andrew@environmentalfarming.com or call 334-220-2922; or contact PureHemp Technology LLC at info@PureHempTech.com, 303-857-4530.