Biomass technology: Creating products out of former waste

RevLocal/ April 16, 2016/ In The News

By Greg Stiles When most Southern Oregonians think about biomass, they think of backyard clippings and wood waste destined for energy production in White City. Biomass technology, however, has made quantum leaps in recent years with a handful of production facilities around the world now breaking down cellulose into raw materials used in paper products, specialty chemicals, plastics and biofuels.

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President and CEO Ed Lehrburger is reinventing the paper-making process for the 21st century

RevLocal/ May 18, 2015/ In The News

COMPANY WEEK – By Eric Peterson President and CEO Ed Lehrburger is reinventing the paper-making process for the 21st century — with no trees involved — at a former Colorado cannery that dates back to the late 1800s. Lehrburger and his brother and COO, Carl, founded the company with CTO Dr. Dick Wingerson to commercialize Wingerson’s “countercurrent extraction process.” Click

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First large-scale hemp processing plant begins in Colorado

RevLocal/ May 7, 2015/ In The News

ABC NEWS, DENVER – May 7, 2015 By Jaclyn Allen A Fort Lupton plant is starting to test and process Colorado’s hemp harvest, turning it into pulp that can be used to make paper, sugar — even biofuels. It’s nickname may be “ditch weed,” but the PureVision Technology processing plant in Ft. Lupton is turning Colorado’s newest cash crop into

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American hemp. Colorado biotech firm ramps up processing plans

RevLocal/ April 8, 2015/ In The News

By Elana Ashanti Jefferson, The Cannabist Staff Fort Lupton’s PureVision Technology wants to process hemp stalks for consumer-product manufacturing and plans large-scale biorefinery in Oregon. A Colorado biotech company plans to open a large-scale industrial hemp processing facility that will take the crop’s would-be waste — namely hemp stalks — and make it useful. Click here to read full article.

Colorado-based PureVision Selects Oregon for Biorefining Technology Scale Up

RevLocal/ April 2, 2015/ In The News

PureVision Technology Inc., a Colorado-based biorefinery developer, recently announced that it will scale up its biorefining technology at an industrial site in Boardman, Oregon, owned by ZeaChem Inc. The public announcement was made March 28 during a presentation by PureVision CEO Ed Lehrburger at the Oregon Hemp Conference at the Portland Expo Center. Click here to read full article. BIOMASS

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