Partner with PureHemp Technology

PureHemp is seeking companies, universities and individuals to advance the hemp refining industry. The PureHemp staff is currently converting hemp stalks into pulp, lignin and sugar that can all be used to produce a myriad of consumer and industrial products.

The following examples are just some of the many ways to partner with PureHemp:
  • Countless consumer and industrial products can be made with hemp-based pulp, lignin and sugars. Entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, scientists, inventors and companies are encouraged to contact PureHemp to explore potential areas of collaboration.
  • PureHemp is actively looking to collaborate with farmers, farmer co-ops and agricultural concerns interested in growing industrial hemp in organic soils and becoming involved with a community-based PureHemp refinery.
  • PureHemp is producing hemp-based pulp, lignin and sugars from its pilot plant in Ft. Lupton, Colorado. Parties interested in partnering with PureHemp to discuss receiving small quantities of hemp-based raw materials are encouraged to contact PureHemp.
  • We are seeking marketing opportunities for expanding Pure Kind Botanicals product lines and sales. Please contact PureHemp if you have interest in learning more about this opportunity.

Investment Opportunities

PureHemp has recently discontinued its recent funding round. PureHemp is currently working on advancing various hemp-related initiatives. If you are interested in learning more about potential investment opportunities, please complete the Contact Form by checking “I’m interested in learning about investment opportunities.”

Collaborative Research and Development with PureHemp

PureHemp is working with companies and universities to pursue converting hemp-based pulp, lignin, sugars and oils into consumer and industrial products. Parties that are interested in participating in research, development and scale-up efforts to advance hemp-to-products programs are encouraged to contact PureHemp.

License the PureHemp Technology

PureHemp has recently begun working with individuals and companies that are interested in licensing the PureHemp technology. Once proven out at commercial scale, PureHemp will begin to aggressively license its CCR technology.